If I’m being honest, it’s a bit stressful writing a bio to sell my passion for photography to you. In this market, there is a daunting pressure to scream from the mountaintops that you have always and will always love photography. Since I’m being honest, I don’t know if that is the case for me. I love photography because I learn from it. If there came a day when I ceased to be humbled or astonished or frustrated or awed, I would put down my camera.

This business isn’t about selling my personal story. There are wonderful artists with wonderful stories out there (and they should be shared!) but mine just isn’t going to move the earth. I picked up a camera one day and I became a student of light. I started a business and I began to learn about people. I started photographing weddings and I became a story teller.

I didn’t always love my job. I’m not talking about another career before photography. I mean THIS job. I wasn’t always happy photographing people for a living. I went through the motions and followed the unwritten laws about the photography business world. I imitated. I was careful to walk in the footsteps laid before me. I realized that I had to make a change or I would resent my job forever. It was my fault that I wasn’t happy. I had failed to focus on the fit between client and artist. Realizing this, my work changed. I changed. Now, my main focus isn’t selling myself in hopes of getting hired; my focus is on making sure that I am the best fit for you and your day. If it turns out that I’m not, then that’s okay. To me, this business is about connection.

Hi. I’m Kaylee. I am an Arizona-born, New York native who went to college in Philadelphia, lives in Jacksonville, Florida, and aspires to move to Oregon. I am a collector of moments. A painter of light. An idealist and romantic. A mother. A wife. I would love to get to know you.

email: kayleelaborphotography@gmail.com