I met Allison and JD last year over drinks, and the main thing I remember about that meeting was how incredibly enamored they were with each other. Flash forward to nearly a year later, and Karlyn and I arrived to photograph their wedding at the incomparable Club Continental. The wedding had so many personal touches. JD had made all of the bridal jewelry himself (I don’t think you can get any better than that!) and Allison’s hair piece was a piece of lace trimmed from her own mother’s wedding gown. It’s details like this that set weddings apart from others. We both loved this couple and their loved ones. Thank you both for inviting us to document your day. We wish you every bit of good fortune and happiness in your future together!

Allison and JD

1. How did you meet?
JD and I met in high school – we were always good friends and we actually went on a date freshman year!
2. Who proposed and how?
We went on a sunset stroll before dinner on the riverwalk downtown. JD let me to a bench next to the fountain. He pulled me close, placed a small box in my hands and asked me to marry him. I said Yes! Open the box!
3. How did you decide on the location of your wedding?
We wanted a location on the river since we both love water views. Club Continental has a gorgeous backyard on the river banks and landscaped front garden. I also loved the history of the building and the unique architectural details.
4. Did you have any specific visions or themes for your wedding? What were they?
We wanted a natural, relaxed feel, and for the outdoors to play a big part of the event.
5. What was the most memorable part of your wedding day?
When JD got up on stage and performed “Forever” on guitar. I felt like he was singing just to me.
6. What is the best piece of advice you have for couples planning their weddings?
Don’t stress about the details and try to have fun.
Venue/Catering: The Club Continental
Planner: Cindy from A Sterling Affair
Hair/Makeup: Kristine and Holly from Studio Bride Artistry

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