Last week I had the awesome opportunity of testing out a camera I’ve had my eye on for quite some time. I’m in the midst of selling my Nikon to get the Canon 5D, and I cannot be any more anxious to get my hands on it again. Thank you Mel and Brad for allowing me the chance to actually TRY it before I buy it, I am so grateful to you both.

I’ve been having some questions about why I decided to switch to Canon, and I guess there’s no better place to give a review than here.

I was a little wary when I first got the camera in my hand. I had heard horror stories about its focusing system and horribly designed access of settings.

As far as the settings, my fears were eased with about 30 seconds of rummaging through the menu and fiddling with the buttons at top. It wasn’t any harder to navigate than my Nikon was when I first got it, it just had a bit of rearranging. As long as you know cameras and what their settings affect over all, you won’t have an issue.

As for the focus, it does pain me to say that it will take some getting used to. I’m used to have dozens of focusing points to choose from, although I rarely took advantage of it. I normally used my center point and recomposed anyway, but it was nice having the option if one subject was lacking the contrast needed to “help” my camera’s autofocusing system. The Canon’s autofocus was a bit slow and touchy at best. I never realized how much I rely on my Nikon to pick up my slack and compensate for my trigger-happy snapping.

All of this can be forgiven though… because I have now witnessed firsthand the marvels of Canon color and skin tones. I absolutely loved every second of shooting with it and editing after. I’m sure the 50mm 1.2L lens they lent to me with the camera had a bit of something to do with it, but pish-posh, I am still uber committed to the Canon.

Here are some of my favorites from the session. Thank you Ashley for being my guinea pig (and what a gorgeous guinea pig you are!)

Oh, and welcome to my new blog!

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