Allison + JD: Jacksonville Wedding Photography

I met Allison and JD last year over drinks, and the main thing I remember about that meeting was how incredibly enamored they were with each other. Flash forward to nearly a year later, and Karlyn and I arrived to photograph their wedding at the incomparable Club Continental. The wedding had so many personal touches. JD had made all of the bridal jewelry himself (I don’t think you can get any better than that!) and Allison’s hair piece was a piece of lace trimmed from her own mother’s wedding gown. It’s details like this that set weddings apart from others. We both loved this couple and their loved ones. Thank you both for inviting us to document your day. We wish you every bit of good fortune and happiness in your future together!

Allison and JD

1. How did you meet?
JD and I met in high school – we were always good friends and we actually went on a date freshman year!
2. Who proposed and how?
We went on a sunset stroll before dinner on the riverwalk downtown. JD let me to a bench next to the fountain. He pulled me close, placed a small box in my hands and asked me to marry him. I said Yes! Open the box!
3. How did you decide on the location of your wedding?
We wanted a location on the river since we both love water views. Club Continental has a gorgeous backyard on the river banks and landscaped front garden. I also loved the history of the building and the unique architectural details.
4. Did you have any specific visions or themes for your wedding? What were they?
We wanted a natural, relaxed feel, and for the outdoors to play a big part of the event.
5. What was the most memorable part of your wedding day?
When JD got up on stage and performed “Forever” on guitar. I felt like he was singing just to me.
6. What is the best piece of advice you have for couples planning their weddings?
Don’t stress about the details and try to have fun.
Venue/Catering: The Club Continental
Planner: Cindy from A Sterling Affair
Hair/Makeup: Kristine and Holly from Studio Bride Artistry
August 16, 2017

Lauren + James: Jacksonville Wedding Photography

Our favorite weddings to photograph are the ones where the couples begin to feel like family. We encounter this from time to time, but Lauren and James gave us so much opportunity to meet some really incredible people. There were also no less than three of our formal couples in attendance which only added to the familiar feeling of their wedding day.

They were married at the beautiful location: Bowing Oaks in Jacksonville. The property boasts a canopy of enormous live oaks, which are sufficiently breathtaking on their own, but the trees are matched in earnest with a large barn house. Every time we photograph a wedding here, we are so grateful. The venue is only a few years old and has already made its mark on the Jacksonville wedding scene.

Lauren and James were dream clients, and two of the nicest people you will ever meet. They said their vows under a large oak tree, surrounded by friends and family. It was a privilege to bear witness and to document their wedding day. We are so happy for them and look forward to seeing them again.

Photography has brought more friends and love into our lives than any other avenue. Thank you both for being so damn lovely.

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Venue: Bowing Oaks Plantation

Coordinator: Suzy Berry

Florist: Anything with Plants

Cake: AlleyCakes Bakery

DJ: David Hanscom with First Coast Events

Makeup: Paige with Studio Bride

Hair: Amber with Studio Bride

Bride’s dress: Allure

Groom’s suit: Men’s Wearhouse

Bridesmaids: David’s Bridal

Groomsmen: Men’s Wearhouse

Photobooth: Snap Shot Photo Booth Memories

Catering: 4 Rivers Smokehouse

August 10, 2016

Lauren + James: Jacksonville Engagement Photography

Lauren and James’ wedding is coming up in just a few short months. Stay tuned for their wedding blog early this summer! For now, meet them. These two quirky, joyful and sweet people who found a spot in our hearts with their laughter. And their posing with tractors… but I can’t show those to the world. They’re too amazing and I’m feeling selfish. Can’t wait until your wedding, Lauren and James!


February 18, 2016

Diana + Laurent: Orlando Wedding Photography

Firstly, welcome to the new blog! A lot of tears and blood went into this thing, and I’m relatively sure that the tech support guy over at FloThemes has a restraining order pending against me (Sorry, Vadim! I actually DID leave you alone this last time. See?) It is my intention to invest myself fully into KLP, and a new forum for images and thoughts was exactly what was needed. Over the next few months, I will be playing catch up with blogging. Some of these sessions and weddings will be over a year old. Some will be recent. Either way, all of them are special to us and we want to share them.

First in queue is: Diana and Laurent…

I first came “face-to-face” with Diana on our Skype consultation. We were supposed to be discussing her wedding. Instead, we spoke for over an hour about our mutual Harry Potter obsession and her cat, Zazzles. We were the perfect fit. Upon arriving to the wedding, we found Diana testing out the photo booth, and immediately told me she brought Goblet of Fire to use for the ring shots. Pitter patter went my heart. Then we met Laurent, and immediately saw why these two fell in love. He is gentle and kind and absolutely adores Diana. He makes her laugh in a way that transforms her whole face. That’s all anyone should ever need, but that was just the start of their dynamic. The entire day was full of love and laughter and incredible charisma.

Diana and Laurent: thank you for inviting us to document your special day. We won’t be forgetting you. Ever.


Orlando-Wedding-Photography_0001 Orlando-Wedding-Photography_0002 Orlando-Wedding-Photography_0003 Orlando-Wedding-Photography_0004 Orlando-Wedding-Photography_0005 Orlando-Wedding-Photography_0006 Orlando-Wedding-Photography_0007 Orlando-Wedding-Photography_0008 Orlando-Wedding-Photography_0009 Orlando-Wedding-Photography_0010 Orlando-Wedding-Photography_0011 Orlando-Wedding-Photography_0012 Orlando-Wedding-Photography_0013 Orlando-Wedding-Photography_0014 Orlando-Wedding-Photography_0015 Orlando-Wedding-Photography_0016 Orlando-Wedding-Photography_0017 Orlando-Wedding-Photography_0018 Orlando-Wedding-Photography_0019 Orlando-Wedding-Photography_0020 Orlando-Wedding-Photography_0021 Orlando-Wedding-Photography_0022 Orlando-Wedding-Photography_0023 Orlando-Wedding-Photography_0024 Orlando-Wedding-Photography_0025 Orlando-Wedding-Photography_0026 Orlando-Wedding-Photography_0027 Orlando-Wedding-Photography_0028 Orlando-Wedding-Photography_0029 Orlando-Wedding-Photography_0030 Orlando-Wedding-Photography_0031 Orlando-Wedding-Photography_0032 Orlando-Wedding-Photography_0033 Orlando-Wedding-Photography_0034 Orlando-Wedding-Photography_0035 Orlando-Wedding-Photography_0036 Orlando-Wedding-Photography_0037


February 5, 2016


Oh, this session hits a soft gooey place in my heart for so many reasons.

Rachel and I became friends over 8 years ago. Over the years, we have both been through incredibly transforming times in our lives. Between the kids, the moves, the marriage, the pets, the businesses and more, we have surely watched each other grow into who we are now. I really couldn’t be more proud of this woman. I will spare more mushy details, but I cannot emphasize how special these guys are to me.

I was so lucky to be able to fly to Indiana and photograph them, and I only hope that I will be back to do it again soon.

I love you guys!

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December 6, 2013


I know that I have talked incessantly about the Walters family. I can’t help it. These three sisters have become such a welcome cornerstone for KLP and I adore their family more than I can say. I am truly grateful that Kelly and Kyle came to meet with me that day, well over a year ago.

Their wedding day was perfect, which is not something that is easily said about most weddings. They chose a charming historic home in Riverside to host their ceremony and celebration. It was the perfect setting for the intimate gathering of family and close friends.

These two are so effortlessly easy to photograph, of course. (Their engagement session can be seen here.) They exude affection that translates so genuinely through the lens. I am so blessed to have been able to be a part of their day.

Kelly and Kyle, I wish you a long life of happiness and joy together. You are both so special to Karlyn and I! Looking forward to seeing you in a few months for Katie and Blair’s wedding!

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October 27, 2013


Some of you might recognize Katie from her sister’s wedding (Mandi’s wedding post is here. Her sister, Kelly’s engagement post is here.) I know I have mentioned them a few times, but Katie is the youngest of the infamous “Walters sisters.” These three girls all got engaged within one year of each other and will all have been married within a year. I know what you’re thinking; “Their poor parents!” However, their parents couldn’t be more thrilled and I am incredibly touched by how each of these girls is loved and adored in their own way. All of their fellas are outstanding gentlemen. The best part is… I get to photograph all three of their weddings 🙂 I consider myself a pretty lucky girl to get the opportunity to work so closely and consistently with this amazing family of theirs. But enough with the sap, let’s move on to the mushier stuff:

Katie and Blair brought their sweetheart of a dog, Bruce, along for the session. Our original location had fallen through, so we made a quick last minute change of plans. I gotta say, it worked out pretty perfectly. It was so sweet to watch these two flirt with one another. Though I’m not a seasoned veteran, I can’t imagine that their eyes could have held anymore love and adoration for each other. They will be getting married at the downtown library next year (SCORE!) and I can’t wait to see the whole family again!

Also, today is Katie’s birthday. If you could, just take a second to whisper out a quick birthday wish to this sweet, kind girl on her last birthday as a single woman.


Since I moved to a new blog home, my full content did not transfer. You can find the full post here.


August 19, 2013


I first met Melissa and Chris while I was photographing another wedding. Melissa was a bridesmaid to Christine (her wedding post is here) and I heard from her a few months later to discuss her own wedding planning. I immediately fell in love with the adoration between this couple. After hearing their story, it was made perfectly clear to me that both of these people held no reservations in their love for each other. They have bonded through very difficult and stressful times and supported one another so unconditionally so early on in their relationship. Now, they are working on their future together. I could not be more honored to be included in their wedding next April and I am SO looking forward to seeing these two again!!


August 16, 2013