Firstly, welcome to the new blog! A lot of tears and blood went into this thing, and I’m relatively sure that the tech support guy over at FloThemes has a restraining order pending against me (Sorry, Vadim! I actually DID leave you alone this last time. See?) It is my intention to invest myself fully into KLP, and a new forum for images and thoughts was exactly what was needed. Over the next few months, I will be playing catch up with blogging. Some of these sessions and weddings will be over a year old. Some will be recent. Either way, all of them are special to us and we want to share them.

First in queue is: Diana and Laurent…

I first came “face-to-face” with Diana on our Skype consultation. We were supposed to be discussing her wedding. Instead, we spoke for over an hour about our mutual Harry Potter obsession and her cat, Zazzles. We were the perfect fit. Upon arriving to the wedding, we found Diana testing out the photo booth, and immediately told me she brought Goblet of Fire to use for the ring shots. Pitter patter went my heart. Then we met Laurent, and immediately saw why these two fell in love. He is gentle and kind and absolutely adores Diana. He makes her laugh in a way that transforms her whole face. That’s all anyone should ever need, but that was just the start of their dynamic. The entire day was full of love and laughter and incredible charisma.

Diana and Laurent: thank you for inviting us to document your special day. We won’t be forgetting you. Ever.


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