Some of you might recognize Katie from her sister’s wedding (Mandi’s wedding post is here. Her sister, Kelly’s engagement post is here.) I know I have mentioned them a few times, but Katie is the youngest of the infamous “Walters sisters.” These three girls all got engaged within one year of each other and will all have been married within a year. I know what you’re thinking; “Their poor parents!” However, their parents couldn’t be more thrilled and I am incredibly touched by how each of these girls is loved and adored in their own way. All of their fellas are outstanding gentlemen. The best part is… I get to photograph all three of their weddings 🙂 I consider myself a pretty lucky girl to get the opportunity to work so closely and consistently with this amazing family of theirs. But enough with the sap, let’s move on to the mushier stuff:

Katie and Blair brought their sweetheart of a dog, Bruce, along for the session. Our original location had fallen through, so we made a quick last minute change of plans. I gotta say, it worked out pretty perfectly. It was so sweet to watch these two flirt with one another. Though I’m not a seasoned veteran, I can’t imagine that their eyes could have held anymore love and adoration for each other. They will be getting married at the downtown library next year (SCORE!) and I can’t wait to see the whole family again!

Also, today is Katie’s birthday. If you could, just take a second to whisper out a quick birthday wish to this sweet, kind girl on her last birthday as a single woman.


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