A sunrise session.

She actually REQUESTED a sunrise session.

My heart leapt bounds and I had the PERFECT location for it. I dreamt of misty lifting fog and cozy blankets and dewey light. Kelly and Kyle were gorgeous, to boot– so this was one of my most anticipated engagement sessions to date.

We both arrived about 30 minutes prior to sunrise on the day of Spring solstice. It was a little nippy and starkly dark outside. I realized I had underestimated the lack of light we would need in order to… well, walk through a trail in the woods. They were good sports about it. So we began at 7:30 AM. In a field. In the middle of no where. And man…. it was so worth it.

Kelly and Kyle, I am so looking forward to your October wedding!

PS. Kelly is the sister who then referred her sister, Mandi (yesterday’s blog post bride) and other sister, Katie. All three girls engaged in under one year! And I got to collect the set of them 🙂 I’m photographing Katie’s engagement photos next weekend.

Enjoy your weekend!

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