“How long have you two been together?”

We had been talking for nearly an hour at our first consult. Mandi had contacted me after her sister, Kelly, had her engagement session with me. We were discussing the details of their vision for the day; their appreciation of art and memory. I gushed with them over their plans for an intimate backyard wedding, complete with a seafood boil, records, close family and friends. The conversation then turned to Farris’ love for black and white photography. I could have talked to this couple forever, and their adoration for each other just oozed from their every facet. They complemented each other with the dynamics of experienced life partners. Had I not known they weren’t married, I would have pegged them for lifetime sweethearts. Maybe the kind of couple who played together in childhood and experienced the other’s awkward teenage years. I would have sworn they must have had years of experience in carefully learning the other’s habits, ticks and mannerisms. They navigated each other with ease and comfortability and I was just in awe. I waited for them to answer my query as they looked at one another and blushed. Mandi turned to me and said: “A few months.”

Let me clarify, that these two were indeed in love, and not in the kind of “honeymoon” variety that quickly dissipates. These two rocked my core with their answer and I just wanted to applaud. In fact, I believe I did applaud. I needed to photograph this wedding. And I did.

Mandi and Farris are special. Their wedding was perfect. Their family is warm. Their love is admirable. I have no doubt that their wedding will be forever special to me. I look forward to seeing this couple and their family again.

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