There are so many factors that influence a photograph. They depend on time, place, circumstance and light- just to begin. Being a wedding photographer, I’ve become very aware of my surroundings. It’s easy to see moments coming before they do, and I’m careful to be prepared.

Movement is extremely important to my work and I try to incorporate it into all of my shots. It can be as subtle as a glance or it can be a few spins in a dress. It’s the moment right before you kiss. I’m always trying to catch my subjects moving naturally. Movement provokes natural habits and tendencies, unique to each person. This is vital to my work.

Light is equally important. Proper lighting makes all the difference in photography, since a photo is technically the reflection of light through the lens. I go to extremes to use the best light available and it has always been worth it. Light sets the tone of a photograph. It can be flattering. It can also be absolutely unflattering. The key is knowing how to move in it, photograph in it, shoot against it and shoot with it. Light is a passion of mine and I am constantly inspired by it.

Finally, details. They are the language of memory to me. Since details are normally the first memories to fade, I spend a lot of time focusing on capturing them. Wringing of hands before the ceremony. The tarnish on your heirloom locket. The tears sliding your parent’s face while you dance. These are all the language of memory. I want to help ensure you remember them all.